The Madrid Social Court n°1 has granted a monthly pension of over 3,800 euros to a worker suffering from severe COVID-19-related complications, recognizing him as having the highest level of disability, known as "gran invalidez" in Spanish.

The worker claimed to have suffered post-COVID-19 sequelae, including pneumonia that required ICU hospitalization and resulted in multiple complications. These sequelae caused a 71% level of disability and a level II dependency, requiring assistance for activities such as eating, using the bathroom, personal hygiene, dressing, transfers, and mobility inside and outside the home.

The worker initially received a permanent total disability pension in February 2022 but sought a higher level of disability due to the severity of his limitations. Social Security initially denied this request.

The court’s ruling, based on extensive medical evidence, establishes the worker's eligibility for "gran invalidez," which indicates a person permanently disabled and dependent on others for essential daily activities. The court awarded an additional monthly financial complement of 1,381.64 euros to the worker's existing disability pension of 2,443.62 euros, resulting in a total monthly pension of 3,825 euros. The ruling is final as the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) did not appeal.

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