Children Covid Vaccination

The Constitutional Court has upheld the COVID-19 vaccination of a seven-year-old child in Cantabria, Spain, despite parental disagreement.

The mother, in favor of vaccinating her child, was granted the authority to decide by regional judges, considering health recommendations and the child’s well-being. The father’s appeal, citing risks and harmful consequences, was dismissed by the Constitutional Court.

The Court emphasized that legal procedures were followed, including representation consent when parents disagree. It noted that the parents, both working in healthcare, had adequate information even before the judicial process. The decision prioritized the child’s best interest and health protection based on health authority recommendations, rejecting the father’s arguments against vaccination.

The Court found no violation of the right to personal integrity and highlighted the previous judicial resolutions’ focus on the child's well-being. The case underscores the judiciary’s intervention in parental disagreement over vaccination and emphasizes the importance of considering the child’s best interest in health decisions.

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