In October 2023, a gynecologist in Luxembourg City has received a three-month suspension from practicing medicine as a result of her deliberate dissemination of false information during patient consultations.

The Higher Discipline Council found that she had made unfounded claims that the COVID-19 vaccine was toxic, had the potential to cause infertility, and denied both the existence of the pandemic and climate change. In one particular case, she pressured a patient to forgo their second COVID vaccine dose, leading to a complaint filed with the Medical College in March 2022.

The disciplinary process was delayed due to a counterclaim filed by the gynecologist against the patient, accusing her of providing false testimony and making false accusations. This counterclaim is currently under investigation. Nevertheless, the Higher Discipline Council rendered its judgment, and the suspension is definitive. The exact closure date of the gynecologist's practice will be made public through announcements in newspapers.

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