The decision was reached on the fine balance between the need for transparency and public safety.

In June 2022, the National Institute of Transparency (INAI) unanimously decided that information regarding expired COVID-19 vaccines, including the number of doses, batch numbers, and manufacturing companies, should be made public. The INAI argued that this information was not a threat to national security and would not hinder the vaccination program. The INAI held that transparency was essential to maintain public trust in the healthcare system during the pandemic.

However, the Federal Executive challenged this decision, asserting that disclosing the information could jeopardize national security and disrupt Mexico's pandemic prevention efforts. The Executive claimed it might lead to a catastrophic vaccine shortage, risking public health and even lives.

Nevertheless, on 31 August 2023, the Mexican Supreme Court upheld INAI’s decision, stating that the information’s release would not compromise national security or hinder the fight against COVID-19. It also would not breach confidential vaccine contracts or expose vaccine locations to organized crime groups.

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