covid certificate

Four women in the Vsetín region have been sentenced by the district court for selling fake COVID vaccination certificates. The court's decision, announced in early August, penalized their involvement in distributing fabricated vaccination records.

The women, including two from Vsetín Hospital's vaccination center, provided false certificates during autumn 2021. Two others acted as intermediaries, collecting personal data and payments of up to 7,000 Czech korunas per certificate. The cumulative transactions exceeded 490,000 Czech korunas.

The main orchestrator received 10 months of conditional imprisonment, while fines ranging from 20,000 to 122,000 Czech korunas were imposed on all. The court also ordered forfeiture of assets gained, and one woman owes the Ministry of Health around 50,000 Czech korunas for vaccine destruction.

Besides the women above mentioned, this case involves 74 individuals who procured fraudulent certificates from Vsetín's vaccination center. Police are investigating potential bribery across different regions of the Czech Republic.

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