The ruling comes amid financial difficulties for the Andalusian village

The Administrative Tribunal n°5 of Sevilla has ruled in favor of the Andalusian government: the Umbrete City Council will have to pay for the extra cleaning of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Council is required to pay €39,000 for expenses incurred in Umbrete educational centers between September 2020 and June 2021.

The ruling comes after the Socialist Party (PSOE) municipality of Umbrete fought against the Andalusian government to have the regional government cover the additional costs of cleaning and disinfecting schools during the pandemic. Previous court rulings in 2022 had dismissed similar claims by the PSOE. The latest ruling specifically orders the Umbrete City Council to pay for the cleaning expenses and declares that their claim was not in accordance with the law. The court determined that cleaning responsibilities fall under the jurisdiction of the municipalities, even during the pandemic when there were special regulations for sanitation. The Umbrete City Council is facing financial difficulties, with a debt of nearly €8 million, and this latest ruling adds to their financial burden, although the amount is significantly less than a separate €4.9 million fine they received for unfulfilled urban development agreements with multiple real estate companies.

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