A High Court judge in Ireland has rejected a request for the taxpayer to cover the legal costs of parties making unsubstantiated claims about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The parties had sought court orders for the mass exhumation of individuals under 80 years old who died suddenly after receiving the vaccine and wanted to prevent children aged 5 to 11 from getting vaccinated. The Taoiseach, the Health Service Executive (HSE), and the Minister for Health opposed the action.

The judge ruled that the parties failed to meet the necessary conditions for a protective costs order, which would have relieved them of paying legal costs if they lost the case. He stated that the claims lacked any real prospect of success and were based on “internet speculation.” The judge deemed the action an abuse of process, as it included baseless claims of mass killings and comparisons to Nazi Germany. The parties also requested the disinterment of bodies for a specific type of autopsy and a public commission of inquiry into early treatments for Covid-19.

The judge found the parties’ claims to be a combination of hearsay, speculation, commentary, and internet sources. While acknowledging their right to express their views on the internet, he questioned whether they should be allowed to pursue these claims in court. The judge provisionally decided that the costs of the preliminary hearing should be measured and paid by the parties to act as a deterrent against further abuse of process. The matter was adjourned to the following month for further submissions on costs.

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