Healthcare worker

An Italian doctor who criticized COVID-19 health measures faced disciplinary action by the Rome Provincial Order of Surgeons. The Order publicly disclosed details of the action being taken against the doctor on TV and in a press release. The doctor filed a complaint with the Italian data protection authority, arguing that his data had been unlawfully processed, thus violating the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Order argued that the doctor had already made the information public and that their communication was necessary for public health protection.

The data protection authority found that the Order had violated the GDPR and reprimanded them for minor breaches, taking into account the doctor’s public statements, the Order’s aim to protect public health, their cooperation with the authority, and previous infringements. However, the Order was not fined.

Reference: Provvedimento del 15 dicembre 2022 [9855545].

Full text of the decision available at it