A former nurse who suffered an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine won an appeal against a court’s decision which ordered her to pay 1,500 Singapore Dollars for the maintenance of her two children after divorcing her husband.

During the divorce proceedings in 2016, a judge assessed the expenses to be paid for child maintenance by her and her former husband (who took the children with him). In 2021, however, after vaccinating, the woman suffered an adverse reaction which led to hospitalization and a diagnosis of Involuntary Movement Disorder. After the diagnosis, the woman could no longer work as a nurse and eventually stopped receiving her salary. In 2022, she was eventually dismissed after being declared unfit to work. Therefore, she challenged the order concerning payments of child maintenance.

The High Court of Singapore upheld her arguments, pointing out that the illness and the subsequent leave from work worsened the woman’s financial conditions, compared with those of her former husband, also because she is still unable to work.

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