Covid-19 Vaccine

On 1 December 2022, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the reinstatement of a nurse sophrologist at the Institut Curie (a French cancer research and control center) in Paris, after she had been suspended in September 2021 for refusing to vaccinate. It is the first time in France that a healthcare worker who refused to vaccinate is reinstated.

The worker had been working for thirty years at the research center’s hospital. Although the hospital suspended her, she was still employed by it and could not work anywhere else. She was reinstated in June 2022 after a lower court had ruled in her favor, considering that the suspension was arbitrary. The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed that decision. The court considered that the suspension procedure under the law allowing for such suspension for those healthcare workers who refuse to vaccinate had not been respected, especially because the hospital had not considered other positions for her if she refused to vaccinate.

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