On 12 October 2022, a Singapore court condemned a man to 19 weeks of jail for making false declarations in order to get COVID-19 relief grants for his mother and wife.

According to the regulations pertaining to the COVID-19 Support Grant, in order to be eligible an individual must be involuntarily unemployed due to COVID-related reasons and the unemployment has to have begun after 23 January 2020.

The convicted subject declared that his mother had previously worked at his own company and even provided information about her last salary. He also applied for grants for his wife, declaring she had lost her job due to the pandemic.

The court ascertained that the mother of the convicted was a housewife and had never worked, while his wife had resigned from her job for personal reasons not connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, neither his mother nor his wife had lost personal income due to COVID-19 and the declarations issued were indeed false, amounting to a fraud to obtain COVID grants.

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