On 29 August 2022, the Supreme Court of India gave notice to the government of India, stating that it has accepted to hear a writ petition filed by the parents of two girls dead after receiving vaccine.

One parent argued that neither he nor his daughter (dead in 2021) had been informed of the risks possibly connected to the vaccine shot and that, therefore, their informed consent was lacking. Another parent also argued that her daughter suffered from a thrombosis after the vaccine, which left her brain dead, and that the authorities never offered a satisfactory response to her grievances after the girl’s death.

Both parents pointed out that the government did not prepare appropriate information and protocols regarding vaccines and their possible adverse risks. Therefore, they filed a writ petition asking for the establishment of an independent board to investigate into the death of the girls and to share the resulting reports. They also claimed monetary compensation.

The Supreme Court gave notice to the government that it accepted to hear the matter.

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