On 16 June 2022, the High Court of Singapore rejected claims by six individuals who had sought the court to declare government measures against COVID-19 unlawful ([2022] SGHC 141). 

In particular, the claimants sought the annulment of the government directives allowing employers to terminate contracts of unvaccinated employees and making COVID-19 patients pay for their own medical treatments if they had decided not to vaccinate. The claimants argued that these directives were unlawful because statistics showed that more deaths and severe forms of the disease were more common with vaccinated than with unvaccinated people.

However, the High Court of Singapore rejected these claims, holding that the statistics on which the claimants had based their challenge were not serious. Instead, the court found that the government had based its directive on objective scientific reports. In fact, the way the claimants had presented their statistics was misleading and did not offer an accurate picture of the health situation relevant for policymaking.

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