On 17 May 2022, the Singapore District Court sentenced a 19-year-old student to a fine of S$1,200 because he was found guilty of violating Covid-19 emergency regulations on New Year's Eve by participating in an impromptu gathering of students at Clarke Quay.

The defendant, who pleaded guilty and repentant, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authorities, was filmed celebrating the New Year, along with other young people, and being interviewed in violation of safety distances and placing himself less than a meter away without a mask by another young filmmaker, disguised as a spiderman, who was also without a mask. Videos of the impromptu gathering, attended by approximately one hundred students, were uploaded online via a YouTube channel, becoming the main evidence against the defendants, and proving that the conduct of the participants had created a potential site for the superspreading of the virus. The judge offered the defendant the possibility of commuting the fine to probation, which, according to local regulations, is not recorded in the criminal record, and which allows incensed students to avoid heavy fines and continue their studies. However, the defendant preferred the fine, stating that he paid it with his internship money.

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