On 28 January 2022, with a judgment filed on 4 February 2022, the Superior Court of New Jersey gave its final approval to a settlement agreement reached in a class action lawsuit filed by a number of students against Rutgers, i.e. the State University of New Jersey.

Plaintiffs, who had paid tuition and fees for the Spring 2020 Semester, alleged inter alia that they had an express or implied contract with Rutgers requiring in-class learning and that Rutger’s provision of distance learning in place of in-class learning on account of the covid-19 pandemic breached that contract. Rutgers will thus have to pay a total amount of $5 million, that, after deduction of attorney’s fees and other costs, will be divided equally among the Settlement Class Members.

Many other coronavirus lawsuits are being filed throughout the Country to seek reimbursement for college tuition, room, board, meal plans, and fees.

Full text of the decision available at en