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The Covid-19 Litigation Project was presented within the framework of the 10th Global Conference on Health Promotion, organized by World Health Organization from 13 to 15 December 2021.

The progress of the case law monitoring carried out within the dedicated database was presented by Prof. Paola Iamiceli (University of Trento), Scientific Coordinator of the project, as part of the panel moderated by Dr. Benn McGrady (WHO) on "Ensuring Effective Judicial Protection: Wellbeing and the Rule of Law" on 15 December.

The presentation focused on the questions behind the project, the methodological approach adopted and the answers provided by the litigation available to date on the project database, as a new instrument for dialogue on a global scale among policymakers, lawyers, judges and other legal professionals within national and international institutions. Further information is available in the presentation below. Overall, the three-day conference has been the largest WHO conference ever, involving 5000 active participants from 149 countries.

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