Cookies are small text files that are placed by your browser on your device in order to store certain information. Using the information that is stored and returned, a website can recognize that you have previously accessed and visited it using the browser on your end device.

European law requires all websites targeting European Union member states gain "informed consent" from users before storing non-essential cookies on their device.

We use this information to arrange and display the website optimally in accordance with your preferences. Within this process, only the cookie itself is identified on your device. Personal data is only stored following your express consent or where this is absolutely necessary to enable use the service provided by us and accessed by you.

Types of cookies

Cookies on this website don’t acquire any sensitive data, but open the possibility of storing data on the User's device in order to improve the user experience of the website and to enhance web services linked to the website. We use a selection of our own and third-party cookies on the pages of this website: Essential cookies, which are required in order to use the website; functional cookies, which provide better easy of use when using the website; performance cookies, which we use to generate aggregated data on website use and statistics.

Essential and functional cookies
Cookie nameDefault expirationDescription
SSESS<ID>1 monthIf you are logged in to this website, a session cookie is required to identify and connect your browser to your user account in the server backend of this website.
cookiesjsr1 yearWhen you visited this website for the first time, you were asked for your permission to use several services (including those from third parties) that require data to be saved in your browser (cookies, local storage). Your decisions about each service (allow, deny) are stored in this cookie and are reused each time you visit this website.
Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect aggregated information about how our website is used. The purpose of this is to improve its content and functionality. These cookies help us to determine whether, how often and for how long particular sub-pages of our website are accessed and which content users are particularly interested in. Search terms, country, region and (where applicable) the city from which the website is accessed are also recorded, as is the proportion of mobile devices that are used to access the website. We use this information to compile statistical reports that help us optimise the content of this website.

This website uses Google Analytics, an analysis data service provided by Google, Inc. (Google) in order to improve the web services and the communication to the users, to evaluate the internationalization’s level of the users and to promote the institutional activities according to the different kinds of users. If requested by the law, Google may transfers stored data to third parties. Data are collected only for institutional purposes and they will never be sold for commercial purposes. Further and more detailed information about Google Analytics Service con be read at

Users can freely disable all the cookies or only Google Analitycs service’s cookies. Even if all the cookies have been disabled, user can still use the unauthenticated navigation mode of Covid-19 Litigation website. If only Google Analitycs service’s cookies are disabled, the user can still use all the services offered by the website. The user can disable all the cookies by choosing the appropriate setting on browser of choice. Instructions on how to disable the cookies using the most common browser are available at the following pages:

To provide website visitors the ability to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics, Google provides an add-on for the most common browsers, available at:

Video cookies

Video sharing services help to add rich media on the site and increase its visibility. 

Social Plugins cookies

Comments managers facilitate the filing of comments and fight against spam. On this website we don’t make use of social plugin cookies.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies come from external advertising companies ("third-party cookies") and are used to collect information about the websites visited by the user. The purpose of this is to create and display target group-oriented content and advertising for the user. On this website we don’t make use of marketing cookies.

Cookies management

Cookies stored on to the user’s device before the withdrawal of consent can be erased using the features on the most common browser’s privacy settings through the option “Erase navigation data/clear browsing history” or similar, according to the instruction provided by the browser's vendor itself.